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12. Alex Ubago ft. Amaia Montero – “Sin Miedo a Nada”

12. Alex Ubago ft. Amaia Montero – “Sin Miedo a Nada”

These tunes clips are very remarkable, but suits the track completely! Precisely what the group sings within tune is actually how everything changed once they satisfied a special someone. Just how sweet!

10. Reyli – “Amor del Bueno”

I enjoy the beat to this song. It’s very easy-going and calm for the heart. That the artist was performing aloud in a CD shop try amusing! This song concerns true-love, and just how timing worked inside the prefer. The person was actually disheartened before the perfect girl woke your up from his slumber. This guy even believes it was destiny they receive both, saying it had been “written.”

11. Marc Anthony – “Hoy Quien”

The right karaoke track and a great sounds movie! This really is additionally among the many different sad songs in this list. “hoy Quien” was some slack up tune where Marc Anthony concerns countless activities after their unique union stopping. He concerns things like “that is probably write your poems and emails and who’s browsing reveal your own anxieties and faults.” Simply take a listen!

I remember whenever my personal uncle installed this song onto a CD for me to hear. They are the key reason why I nevertheless know this tune. This duet is perfect! They play on how much they have been passing away for one another in each people weapon. Furthermore very remarkable music, but attractively created. Take a listen here!

13. Carlos Baute ft. Marta Sanchez – “Colgando En Tus Manos”

This might be a phenomenal love song. Also, it is danceable, and is a much larger perks! They sing with each other to be careful with one another’s hearts because their minds are on both’s hands. Not to mention that the music movie was pretty! There can be an affair between your artist and her chauffeur.

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