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10 Anna Nishikinomiya – Shimoneta: A boring Globe Where in actuality the Concept of Dirty Humor Doesn’t Are present

10 Anna Nishikinomiya – Shimoneta: A boring Globe Where in actuality the Concept of Dirty Humor Doesn’t Are present

This new Yandere in love Tyrant is Akane Hiyama, whoever love notice are Seiji Aino. Seiji has been cursed because of the Guri’s Hug Notice. Whenever one or two names are printed in new Hug Mention, they’ll feel a couple of. Seiji must get a hold of a partner if you don’t he’s going to die very he outlines to own Akane.

Akane heard one to Guri and Seiji kissed when Guri misspelled Seiji’s identity inside her Kiss Note. Akane comes into the lady Yandere setting seeking to destroy each other but ends up whenever Guri pairs the woman having Seiji in her own Kiss Notice. Seiji will then be combined with other people in the Kiss Notice, however, Akane will not have any of they.

eleven Shuu Tsukiyama – Tokyo Ghoul

Another male yandere are Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul. Shuu Tsukiyama gives off the sensation that he’s a sensible and you can charming young man who wants to befriend Kaneki. However, the guy uses which impact to help you trick his “prey” and you will attract these to the brand new Ghoul Restaurant are eaten.

The guy gets enthusiastic about Kaneki’s smell as well as the need to consume your, especially after the guy finds out him become a single-eyed ghoul. The guy also resorts to kidnapping someone to entice Kaneki.

Anna Nishikinomiya is the pupil council chairman and you can enforces what the law states you to impurity of any kind could have been prohibited and you can culture have to are still chaste. Even in the event she enforces such statutes she cannot oppress herself. Anna wants to impose legislation and in addition wishes Tanukichi Okuma’s interest.

Whenever almost every other people attempt to approach Tanukichi, their Yandere inclinations control. Tanukichi joins SOX a violent business enacting sexual obscenity onto The japanese and you will developed by Ayame Kanjou to locate nearer to Anna.

nine Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

The first green haired Yandere to your listing are Megumi Shimizu. Megumi dislikes located in brand new community and it has a primary crush on the Natsuno Yuuki. She actually is also seen looking for the his window external his household concealing on bushes. Whenever Natsuno appears toward-monitor heartbeats are going to be read representing the new like you to Megumi provides to possess him.

Megumi reveals Yandere services when she will get thrilled one Natsuno featured in her guidelines and you may eliminates some one also involved with Natsuno.

8 Lucy – Elfen Lied

Lucy try an excellent yandere into the Elfen Lied. Lucy was a beneficial Diclonius girl symbolized by horns for her lead. On account of are try in the back of your head, Lucy comes into a state where she is also known as Nyu. While the Nyu, Lucy are passive and you can simple, but as Lucy, she’s a passing server able to kill anyone with simplicity.

Lucy was good Yandere for Kouta. Lucy and you will Kouta weren’t family unit members given that students however, grew better because they got earlier. Lucy turns out destroying Kouta’s members of the family off jealousy to have Kouta maybe not appealing the girl so you’re able to a festival.

seven Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi: After they Cry

Shion is one of the twins on the Higurashi: When they Shout collection. On account of the girl the same looks that have Mion, both pretend to be one other during the loved ones conferences. Shion exchanges having Mion on the day Mion is meant to become the nearest and dearest head. Shion has only one purpose, that will be in order to the girl break Satoshi Houjoi.

Shion manage assault and you can torture Satoshi’s sister Satoko because the she thought she are guilty of Satoshi’s be concerned. When Satoshi happens forgotten, Shion reachers her Yandere cracking area. No one is safe from Shion because the she kills and you will torturers anyone she thinks would be inside, and additionally members of the woman family members.

six Yuno Gasai – Upcoming Diary

Yuno Gasai is probable probably one of the most common Yandere out-of all-time, often referred to as the latest “Yandere Queen.” Yuno simply cares on Yuki and Yuki just. On passing games regarding Upcoming Diary, participants possess a separate log having an objective they must complete. Yuki’s purpose would be to prevent the overall game without eliminating anyone, and that Yuno helps achieve escort girls in Mesa.